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SANTA Western Cape is represented in all the districts of the Western Cape Province through 22 branches formed by volunteers in the communities where the incidence of TB and HIV/AIDS is very high.

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South Africa is one of the countries with the highest burden of TB, with the World Health Organisation (WHO) statistics giving an estimated incidence of 500,000 cases of active TB.


Santa Western Cape and its volunteers helping/educating our community and TB patients. Have a look at our gallery !


Who We Are. What We Do

SANTA WESTERN CAPE, as a dynamic, community-based association, is committed to serving communities and TB and HIVAIDS patients throughout the Western Cape Province by providing preventative, curative and rehabilitative services in partnership with other stakeholders.

What People Say About Us

Department of Health SANTA has helped to improve the cure rate, reduce the defaulter rate and is still playing a major role in the tracing of disrupters and defaulters as well as referring new TB suspects to the clinics. Although there is huge challenges to overcome the passion with which the volunteers and management perform their duties is truly commendable.
Dr Charles Dreyer
Department of Health - Oudtshoorn Sub District Manager
SATVI "South African Tuberculosis Vaccine Initiative " I am familiar with the work of the South African Tuberculosis Association (SANTA), which is one of the oldest civil society organisations established in South Africa. SANTA established a track record in the fight against TB. What makes their work commendable, is the fact that they are largely reliant upon volunteerism in reaching TB patients. This organisation could play a critical role in creating the groundswell which is needed if we want to attain the End TB Strategy of the World Health Organisation (WHO).
Kelvin Vollenhoven
SATVI - Manager Communications and Marketing
Community Chest supports SANTA's three-fold levels of intervention: preventative, curative and rehabilitative services have proven to be relevant, holistic, collaborative and far-reaching, and, therefore, has produced impact that can be measured. The Community Chest has therefore committed to continue to invest in the vision of SANTA - Zero New Infections, and subsequently, have also become the proud sponsor of SANTA's annual flagship national conference.
Ms. Susan Thevar
"Community Chest" Chief Operations Officer

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